Ichthyosis FAQ

What is Ichthyosis and What Causes It?

Ichthyosis is a skin disorder which usually involves the human skin drying up. Even though it is not contagious, it can affect anyone regardless of their gender, age, or appearance. Usually, what causes the skin disorder is a mutation of it.

How Can Ichthyosis Be Treated?

Ichthyosis can be treated by applying moisturizers to the skin to reduce it’s dryness and genetic testing is also available to help you see what type of Ichthyosis you or anyone is diagnosed with. This way, it is also better to determine what brand of moisturizer should be used.

What Are Symptoms of Ichthyosis?

Most symptoms involve overheating in which you are not able to sweat properly in order to cool off from your skin temperature or the sunlight. But other types of symptoms also involve movement limitations or impaired hearing due to the skin tightening up.

Support Movements

Luckily, there are many support movements dedicated to people who are struggling with Ichthyosis. One of the ways in which support can be sought is through the Regional Supply Network where people can relate to others who are struggling too. Financial support is also offered through FIRST.

How Can I Help Out?

The best way to help out is by making a financial contribution to FIRST in order to help fund more research and financial support. Alternatively, using social media is another good way to get someone to share or retweet a post related to Ichthyrosis to more people.

Products Information

Getting more information for a moisturizer is the most strategic way to see if it will heal the skin disease. Becoming a FIRST member allows you to obtain discounts as well. Seeing a doctor will be the best way in order to find out if the product you are using is right.

Making A Difference

By sharing more information on the disease and sharing/retweeting links to FIRST, you can make a difference and life easier for the patient. Nowadays we rely on others a lot for help, even through the internet as well. More donations means better ways to find out more cures.

Increased Research

The more funding FIRST gets, then life would also be not just easier for the patients, but for the people as well who spend countless hours trying to find more cures. With technology going up, more funding is needed than ever to pay for all the research equipment.


Without FIRST, life would definitely be more difficult for patients as many also simply can’t afford treatment for Ichthyrosis. Seeing up more support networks and donations is the best way to decrease the disease and discover new cutting edge technologies.